Are you trying to compose a good literature research project topic but in vain? Do not give up! We assure you that a good topic is an inevitable requirement for writing a brilliant essay. A good topic is neither too broad nor too narrow. Moreover, it should focus on the interesting and thought-provoking aspects and be relevant to the specific discipline. If the professor allows you to choose the topic, you have to spend some time in order to select the most interesting one. We offer you to consider one of the following themes:

  • Historical background;
  • Comparisons;
  • Politics;
  • Gender;
  • Religion.

When choosing the topic, you have to double-check the requirements of the course. As such, if the course is focused on the analysis of gender, feel free to explore the role of a man and a woman in a specific work. Knowing the scope of your theme, it is necessary to know the type of the essay (argumentative, descriptive, persuasive, etc.) as well. We assure you that this technique will help you narrow down the topic. Remember that you can revise or modify your topic in the process of research. At the very beginning, a topic is just an instrument to get started.

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Find Out the Brilliant Literary Research Project Ideas

Learning the interesting literary research project ideas, you will be able to create an essay that will bring you the highest grades and excellent student reputation. When it comes to English literature, there are multiple amazing topics, but you have to choose the one that refers to the specific novel. As it was mentioned above, the best way to choose a topic is to start broad and then gradually move towards narrowing the topic down. Below you will find several effective examples that will help you formulate a great topic:

Historical background

Who is the author of the work and how his/her biography can relate to the story he/she wrote? Was the story significant in the time it was written? Why? Why not? How does this particular story represent the life of society and beliefs of its time?


To create such a topic, you need to find two or more works with the similar genres, plots, historical significance, etc. The topic should focus on finding the essential similarities and differences between these works.

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Choosing to write about the political aspects of the work, feel free to mention the political concepts such as equality, discrimination, or the human rights.

Gender roles

Perhaps, this topic is equally relevant at any age. Discussing some work from a gender perspective, feel free to write about the roles of men and women in this work. What gender expectations does the author convey?


If the author makes an accent on the religion in the novel, you are free to give it an unbiased evaluation. As such, tell what religious beliefs does the author promote and how these beliefs influence the characters of the story.


What are the most evident symbols in the novel? What purpose did the author pursue including them? What is their significance?

Apart from these ideas, you can choose many other ones. The topic also greatly depends on the type of the project. It means that a topic for a high school persuasive essay will be different from a topic for capstone essay.

List of the Most Popular Synopsis and Summary Topicis

  1. 13 Reasons Why.
  2. The Visit.
  3. Ready Player One.
  4. Gone Girl.
  5. The Phantom Of The Opera.
  6. The Handmaid’s Tale.
  7. American Gods.
  8. Catcher In The Rye.
  9. The Rent.
  10. The Shack.
  11. Maze Runner.
  12. The Shining.
  13. Me Before You.
  14. Shutter Island.
  15. Wuthering Heights.
  16. Of Mice And Men.
  17. The Black Swan.
  18. The Giver.
  19. War and Peace.
  20. Animal Farm.
  21. Pride and Prejudice.
  22. American Psycho.
  23. The Notebook.
  24. Death Of A Salesman.
  25. Sweeney Todd.
  26. The Dark Tower.
  27. Man In The High Castle.
  28. West Side Story.
  29. Moby Dick.
  30. The Alchemist.
  31. Forrest Gump.
  32. All The Light We Cannot See.
  33. Silence Of The Lambs.
  34. The Outsiders.
  35. Gone With The Wind.
  36. Cloud Atlas.
  37. My Cousin Rachel.
  38. The Scarlet Letter.
  39. Wayward Pines.
  40. 12 Angry Men.
  41. Breakfast At Tiffany’s.
  42. American Sniper.
  43. The Bell Jar.
  44. Twilight.
  45. Small Great Things.
  46. The Fault In Our Stars.
  47. A Gentleman In Moscow.
  48. The Green Mile.
  49. Huckleberry Finn.
  50. The Kite Runner.
  51. Gladiator.
  52. The Lovely Bones.

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Good Capstone Topics as the Catalysts of Academic Success

Although a capstone project may be quite a complex and challenging task, perfect capstone topics can facilitate this process significantly. The essential secret of the successful capstone project writing is to choose something that really interests you. Choose the wrong topic, and most probably, you will fail this project and spoil your student’s reputation. In your capstone project, your professor is giving you the right to choose the topic, so try to treat this process extremely carefully. There are no more prompts to follow, and it is only you, who is responsible for your success or failure. Do not freak out! We assure you that if you like to broaden the horizons, capstone writing will turn into the most fascinating experience in your student’s career. If you can write a good capstone project, you will prove yourself that you are a determined and goal-oriented person ready to turn any problem or challenge into the lesson necessary for the mental and professional growth. Of course, if you manage to create a perfect capstone project, you are worthy of a degree you pursue.

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