Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get in touch with a writer?
    Yes, you can log in and use your account to send a message to a writer. Our experts respond promptly, but if you do not get a reply soon, you can get in touch with quality agents using our Live Chat Support. In such a way, your request will be addressed immediately. We believe that direct communication ensures the best results and prevents any misunderstandings.
  • How do I know that a writer works on my text?
    Once a professional accepts your order, you can see their ID appear in the order details. You can also write to a writer.
  • Can I ask to write more pages than initially ordered?
    Yes, you can. Please, contact the support department and indicate the number of needed pages for them to make the changes in the order form. Also, such extensions are a paid option, and the price is calculated based on the number of additional words ordered.
  • Can I change any details in the order form after I pay for a text?
    No, but you can ask quality agents to introduce changes (for instance, a deadline, style, format, and other details). Such actions may change the price and time needed to complete your order. Thus, we kindly ask our customers to double-check every detail before they complete the order form.
  • What should I do when the order form seems frozen, and the “Proceed” button does not respond?
    Please, reload the page. If this does not help, the issue may be with a file you are trying to attach. Please, contact our friendly support agents for help.
  • Can you email me the ordered text once it is completed?
    No problem. First, you get a notification about completing your order. You can then find a link in your letter to follow it and download a document.
  • Why do I have technical issues and cannot finish placing an order?
    If you have filled the order form with all necessary fields but you cannot proceed with the order placement, check the size of files you have attached. The attached documents may interfere with the process. Your browser can also be overloaded with open tabs and stop responding. Also, check your internet connection. If a problem is not solved, contact our support team for assistance, and they will do their best to help you in no time.
  • Can I change my contact information?
    Yes, you can. To change your phone number, email, and other details, please go to your account settings and choose the option “Edit Profile.” After you have added new information, remember to click on “Save.”
  • How can I get a text before the deadline?
    Please, inform support agents that you need your order to be completed sooner. When you wish to request a shortened deadline, you will also need to compensate for the price difference between the two deadlines.
  • Why do I get messages that my payment is due after I have paid for the order?
    It could be that the system still processes your payment or that it did not go through. Please, check your email and find a receipt. You can send it to our agents, and the questions will be resolved asap. You can also check your bank account and make a screenshot of the payment transaction in case a receipt is nowhere to be found. If there is no trace of a payment being made and no money was spent, try using another card or payment method to continue the process.
  • My text does not cover all instruction points. Can you revise it?
    Yes, if you have noticed the issue within 48 hours after the deadline, the changes will be made for free. To send a revision request, people, click on your order in your account and choose the revision option. Also, it is important to indicate a problem for a writer to fix it.
  • Is it safe to order texts online using your platform?
    Yes, buying texts online is safe with our company because we take steps to ensure confidentiality. We also take responsibility for the quality of the ordered content, provide authentic texts, and never copy or resell written pieces.
  • How can I customize my text?
    You can customize your text by specifying features that need to be included in your document. They include but are not limited to the style, topic, use of sources, level of writing, writer’s background and other instruction points. You can also order additional services to make your text stand out from the rest of the content. Please check the order form or contact our agents online for more details.
  • The system asks me to add my phone number. Can I refuse?
    Yes, you can. However, we only need your number to contact you in case of an issue with the order. It is a means of smooth communication and can greatly facilitate writing. Please note that we do not share your number with any third parties and never call in vain.
  • What do you mean by “confidentiality guarantee”?
    Our confidentiality policy is transparent and open. We guarantee to keep any details concerning the order and customer secure and never disclose such information to other parties. Even writers do not know the name of our clients as a means to ensure privacy.
  • What guarantees do you provide in general?
    Our company has a double-check quality process that guarantees texts are error-free and well-written. We also provide only original texts and are sure to be available 24/7. Another guarantee is that customers work with the best writers and editors with impressive experience and other credentials.

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