We want our users to know how their personal information is collected and used. That is why we have created a coherent policy clearly explaining when we gather cookies, what methods we use to collect them, and what the reasons for amassing such data are.

Meaning of the Term “Cookie”

The files called “cookies” are concise text files that are sent to clients’ computers or any other mobile gadgets by our agency. The cookies delivered to a specific PC are unique, as everyone browses different web resources. Such files can be collected only when customers use their browsers. Once the session is over, the cookies will be removed automatically. Keep in mind that some cookies can be deleted only by the users or the browser.

How do We Use Cookies?

Some types of cookies are connected with clients’ accounts, their login credentials, the products they purchase, etc. Other kinds of such files are not connected with customers’ accounts. However, they are original and help the agency examine the collected data with the purpose of making our services more convenient for our users. One more aim of gathering cookies is to recognize the users accessing our webpage or utilizing our services, consider their preferences, and supply them with the offers relating to the setting they apply. In addition, owing to cookies, the communication between us and our clients becomes more fruitful and protected.

How Are Cookies Used for Promoting Various Items?

It should be stated that cookies as well as other technological issues help us advertise our services. What is more, they are very useful in obtaining the needed statistical data, research results, and other pieces of information necessary for the company development.

What Actions Are Taken in Case Clients Are against Collecting Cookies?

You have an opportunity to deny gathering cookies. Many browsers give users a possibility of managing such files, i.e. cookies, to satisfy their needs. When using specific Internet software, users may set the cookie preferences for each visited web resource. The guidelines as to how to manage cookies depending on the type of a web browser can be found by clicking the following links:

Internet Explorer




Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox




Android Browser


If you are utilizing other software, you should refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Those surfing various websites may not follow the cookie policies implemented on a particular webpage offered by the third party, i.e. Google Analytics, for instance. In addition, they can utilize the targeting concentrated on users’ demands which is supplied by the advertising servers-participants with the help of the DAA. Moreover, when using the gadgets based on Android or any other system, users can alter their gadget settings to check whether they can see the ads relating to their preferences.

Notice: In case Internet users make a decision to restrict the webpage capacity to set cookies, they may not be able to avail themselves of the required services, as they will not be customized to their needs. Additionally, they may not have a possibility of saving some settings, their login data, for example.

Important Data about the Role of Cookies

Privacy and Security

We utilize cookies to guarantee our clients safety and be able to identify scan activity.


If clients enter their accounts on our website, cookies help us present them the material they are interested in.


The collected cookies help us organize marketing campaigns and monitor their results (for instance, a client has made an order after visiting our website).

Preferences and Services

Cookies help us identify the language our customers prefer to use and offer them customized material.

Research and Analysis

Owing to the cookie files, we can find out whether our website is easy to surf. In addition, cookies give us a possibility of improving our services, features, and products making the use of our website even more convenient. By collecting cookies, we are able to customize our webpage to the needs of those accessing it from different devices, e.g. PC, mobile phones, etc.

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