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July 6, 2021
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The Great Gatsby Essay

The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald is an amazing book with a combination of different ideas, such as love, money, joy, friendship and betrayal, which are intertwined into one story. However, the most impressing and clear idea of the book is that money not always can buy love and happiness. Jay Gatsby was preoccupied with his dream. He was making all possible efforts in order to impress his lovely Daisy and get her love back. Nevertheless, his main method was money. He thought that his richness could make the world belong to him. Consequently, people got to love his money and parties, but not Gatsby himself. Jay’s dream was close to him, but it appeared to escape. All his efforts, money, thoughts, plans, and love were vain as he could not make the past come back.

Fitzgerald did not reveal the main idea of the book till the unpredictable end of the story. All the storylines were created to bring the reader to the central idea. In addition to this, all descriptions made by the author were made to make the reader feel part of the story. The book is not only full of storylines but also complicated. Jay Gatsby fell in love with Daisy when he was young and without a penny in his pocket. He could not be with her since he knew the money was an important value for Daisy’s family. Nonetheless, his intention for Daisy was significantly serious. He believed that they must be together and he decided to influence this. His beloved was not aware of his serious plans; therefore, she married a rich man Tom. Gatsby achieved his goal: he earned an enormous amount of money, built a house in front of Daisy’s windows, and made the best parties ever in order to get her attention. He did it. Nick Carraway, the cousin of Daisy, became the only friend of Jay Gatsby. He was inside of all love scenes between Daisy and Gatsby and helped them to get together. The dream seemed to be implemented; Gatsby seemed to be the happiest man in the world. Fortunately, he died with the hope that the last telephone call was made by his beloved, and they finally would be together. However, he did not know that Daisy was not intended to stay with him. She made a decision to leave Gatsby and go away with her husband. The only person who visited the funeral of Jay Gatsby was Nick. At that moment, he understood how mean and arrogant people can be. He became the victim of the ruin of Gatsby’s life because of his dream, which could never come true. Money cannot buy the happiness and love. They can only give the mistaken feeling of pleasure.

Some critics claim that the American Dream is the central problem of The Great Gatsby. The definition of the American Dream is explained as everyone could achieve their goal and succeed no matter what. The Great Gatsby reveals the problem that wealth became the new dream of people. The author judges the corruption of the American Dream. He asserts through the worlds of Nick Carraway that the real American Dream that was about achieving the goal with making efforts was removed by the thirst and importance of money. The book is captivating because it depicts the moral problems of the 1920’s. Money is one of the central elements of the story. All people are concerned about money, all the story is about its power. Gatsby considered money as the main problem which prevented him from dating Daisy. Therefore, money becomes the major tool which helps him to get Daisy. He believes that his posh house and parties can buy his true love. Nevertheless, his point of view appears to be wrong. The book is full of hidden details. For instance, the Western part of the USA was described as traditional American society while the Eastern USA was obsessed by money, power, and fame. The period depicted in the Fitzgerald’s story was characterized as the time where cars, houses, and money became more significant than peoples’ lives. The parties of Jay Gatsby are presented as symbols of persons’ nature of that time. People visited those parties in order to meet other rich men, become famous, have fun; though, they were not invited by the host and even did not know whom he was. They made gossips about him, but they did not know anything about him. People seemed to love Gatsby, but after his death, no one came to the funeral. They were thinking only of money and pleasure, but the problems of others did not concern them. Fitzgerald highlighted how soulless people were in the 1920’s. Gatsby is also shown as the person obsessed with money. He would sell alcohol even if it was illegal. It does not concern him since he earns millions. His house is extremely posh and luxury: in this way, he wants to impress Daisy. Moreover, he wants to buy her love. Even the books in his house were just the methods of showing-off his wealth. However, the room of Gatsby is not as artsy as the other rooms. It is a sign that Gatsby does not want to be rich for himself. In addition, child of Daisy and Tom is also an object to show off. They do not care of their child, they care of materialism. Daisy even did not mention about the existence of her daughter to Gatsby. Her family was the last thing she thought of.

Furthermore, Daisy always ignores her child. During the story development, she did not reply to her daughter’s questions. Another evidence of Daisy’s soulless is when she has bumped into a woman: she did not stop the car. She was not interested in the destiny of that human and did not stop for help. For all these reasons, The Great Gatsby is considered to be the book about the fall of American Dream.

Gatsby was a great man. Although he believed that money can do anything he wanted for him, he had a soft dream which was not about money. He wanted his beloved Daisy to come back and loved him as much as he did. Gatsby is one who is connected with the American Dream. Nonetheless, his dream is not partially spoiled; he still has human feeling inside his soul. Nick was an intelligent and not spoiled person. After a time spent with all those people, he made a conclusion that they were not worth Gatsby. He still valued something immaterial, while others appreciated only money (McCall).

Nevertheless, Gatsby’s dream could not come true. His money could not influence Daisy’s decision. She fell in love with his money, but then she realized that and escaped from Gatsby without saying goodbye to him. The book reveals that Gatsby was faithful to his dream; he made all his efforts in order to achieve desired results. He held impressing parties, earned millions of dollars and built a posh house to get Daisy back. However, since there was no love in her heart, money could not make the love appear. Daisy did not know what she wanted from life, so she confused Gatsby and gave him a hope. Moreover, when he died, he did not know that Daisy has left him. He ended his life with the feeling that his dream has finally come true. On one hand, it did not make him disappointed; on the other hand, he did not understand the main point: not everything can be achieved, and the money cannot build a true mutual love. Some critics add that Jay Gatsby could not find the right currency to get into her life again.

“Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that is no matter – tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther… And one fine morning – So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past (Fitzgerald 116).” This phrase was written at the end of the book as the short summary.

Fitzgerald discusses different problems of the society in the 1920’s. He reveals the spoilt American Dream. Initially, it was about achieving desired results by making all the efforts. However, the new society was concerned only about money, fame, and power. Fitzgerald used an irony in his book. Readers should feel how the author was judging the mercantile humans. Gatsby was depicted as the person who tried to achieve his goal by his money. He thought that his richness could buy him the happiness he was lacking. People who came to his parties were only concerned of how posh the events were. When Gatsby died, no one came to his funeral. As for Daisy, she was described as the soulless woman, who did not take care of her child. In addition to this, when she killed a person, she did not even stop. Consequently, all dreams Gatsby tried to implement crashed. Money could not buy him love and happiness.

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