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June 5, 2020
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Breast Cancer Article Summarize

The high prevalence rate of breast cancer among women of older age continue to be a concern to many people. In fact,it is one of the number one causes of death among women in developed and third world countries. Diagnosis and subsequent treatment of this type of cancer subject victims to untold psychological and physical trauma. Several researches that have been done focus on different highlight of the benefits of intervention for older long-term breast cancer survivors


The study adopted uncertainty theory to establish the effect of uncertainty management intervention on breast cancer survivors (Mishel et al.,2015). African-American and Caucasian women, 58% of whom were married, who had undergone 5-9 years post-treatment were sampled to explore any possible differences between ethnic groups(Mishel et al, 2005). The subjects were homogenous, that is neither cognitively impaired nor were they on any cancer treatment. Recurrence history was also eliminated among the subjects. Data was collected from ethnically randomized experimental units and control group after ten months. Subjects were limited to filtered survivorship information while the controls were exposed to natural learning texts (Mishel et al., 2005). The study established that uncertainty can basically be managed through knowledge and information. Once enlightened, the survivors are safer through positive thinking. On recurrence, an average of two triggers was reported monthly per person (Mishel et al., 2015). Ethnically, African–American women improved in their information sharing with the nurse more than their Caucasian counterparts (Mishel et al., 2015). Given availability and accessibility of information, older women are more active and interested. All subjects registered improvement in cognitive re-alignment and strategies to manage uncertainty of recurrence. Fatal and pessimistic thoughts were overcome by intermittent distractions from the situation at hand.


I find the article very helpful in breast cancer management. The victims are enabled to manage the disease on their own since they seek relevant information and follow instructions on their own. Moreover, most victims previously shortened their lives through fatal thoughts. This article suggests positivity and self-motivation as the way forward.


Mishel et al (2005). “Benefits from Uncertainty Management Intervention for African-American and Caucasian Older Long-Term Breast Cancer Women” in Psycho-Oncology. //

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